TripleA-Reno results presented at UIPI Renovation Tour events to boost Renovation Wave

Oct 22 2021 | Written by C. Knubben |
The European Commission has set the climate targets to reach a carbon neutral continent by 2050 through the European Green Deal and Renovation Wave Strategy, which further materialised this summer with a first package of legislative proposals: Fit for 55. The countdown to renovate buildings in Europe is accelerating and the TripleA-Reno project was conceived, amongst other goals, to boost the Renovation Wave and help property owners deep renovate by offering support tools for their journey. With the project now coming to an end, it was time to capitalise on the obtained results and present them to the market. To do this, the International Union of Property Owners (UIPI) – a TripleA-Reno consortium member – launched a series of hybrid events UIPI Renovation Tour, that is meant to bring EU policies closer to citizens while presenting practical solutions (such as the TripleA-Reno platform with the combined label and boarding game) to engage property owners and condominium managers in going for deep renovations.    

As to engage property owners across the EU to deep renovate and adopt existing market solutions, such as the ones developed under the scope of TripleA-Reno, it is crucial to first inform the population about the exist goals, policies and objectives so as to foster engagement in a cause that concerns all. UIPI believes there is no better way to raise awareness than to establish bridges between policy-makers and the citizens their policies affect; the UIPI Renovation Tour events have as primary goal to create the opportunity to do so in a locally relevant way, by presenting EU, national and local policies to property owners, condominium managers and other relevant stakeholders, and giving them the opportunity to discuss these, clarify doubts and provide valuable feedback that will help build a successful path towards a more sustainable future. Once this is achieved, it is time to capitalise on the investments made by the EU in enabling tools for the sought transformations of the built-in environment foreseen in the Green Deal; and to present them to target players, in this case the ones investing in deep renovation in the private sector: private property owners.


Two events were organised so far: Hungarian Owners on Board, in Budapest (Hungary) on the 17 September 2021, and Walloon Owners on Board, in Liège (Belgium) on the 24 September 2021; and another two upcoming: Basque Owners on Board, in Vitoria-Gasteiz and Bilbao (Spain) on the 28 October 2021, and Greek Owners on Board, in Athens (Greece) in March 2022. More events of the series will follow, as UIPI is engaged in acting all around the EU. The format is always the same: a morning session dedicated to awareness raising with policy presentations, a round-table with relevant stakeholders that comment on the explained policies and a public debate in which the audience participates; followed by an afternoon session, in which practical examples of existing financial, assistance and technical tools are presented to help private property owners start and carry on their deep renovation journeys. Despite the same backbone, all events strive to adapt to the different contexts where they are held by offering pertinent language options to follow and proposing a programme of locally relevant contents.

Round table discussion and public debate at UIPI Renovation Tour – Hungarian Owners on Board in Budapest

Zoltán Magyar presenting the TripleA-Reno results at UIPI Renovation Tour – Hungarian Owners on Board in Budapest

Round table discussion and public debate at UIPI Renovation Tour – Walloon Owners on Board in Liège

TripleA-Reno results presented at UIPI Renovation Tour – Walloon Owners on Board in Liège by Maria Francisca Figueira


The first two events where a success as the target audience was always reached and the feedback provided by attendants was very positive. Both Hungarian Owners On Board and Walloon Owners On Board events united relevant stakeholders from all the most concerned sectors at EU, national and local levels to stir the discussion. This helped to raise awareness and bring the mentioned policies closer to citizens, but also gave an opportunity for participants to ask questions and provide feedback. It is essential to hear the experiences of the concerned citizens to better adapt and improve current and future policies, and both events provided the opportunity to hear them. For UIPI, it was the opportunity to hear what property owners, condominium managers, policy makers, banking institutions, architects and other representatives from the construction sector have to say about the topic. Doubts about the processes were expressed, as well as appeals for more support and an increased focus on bottom-up approaches for policy-making, considered essential if measures implemented are to be realistic and effective.

There are several technical, financial and assistance practical solutions that already exist to help citizens throughout the deep renovation journeys, although these are many times not sufficiently well-known nor accessible. Both events helped overcome these problems and brought them closer to the final user. There was a high manifested interest in the practical solutions developed by projects in the afternoon sessions for this purpose, which serves as great motivation to all efforts undertaken by EU-funded projects to develop solutions for the difficult tasks expected from private property owners. Participants were very interested to see real examples of what they can do to renovate their dwellings, through the presentations of cutting-edge developed solutions, especially adapted to their needs, and were given the chance to understand how these can serve them to make their properties and homes more energy-efficient, more comfortable and with reduced expenses. The presented TripleA-Reno results led to several questions from the audience about applicability in different EU contexts and shown interest in the adoption of such solutions. They also were showing excitement when learning about existing assistance and counselling services that can guide property owners and condominium managers through the available renovation options, innovative technology, helping funding schemes, contractors and specialised professionals.

One thing is certain: climate change must be faced together and all the affected actors should be implicated in the process; especially property owners, who, in the end, are the ones carrying out the changes in their dwellings and taking on a great share of the efforts required; and condominium managers that many times guide the decision-making of property owners of multi-apartment buildings. As we could hear both in Budapest and Liège, there is no doubt that renovating the existing building stock is a big challenge, both for countries where the level of investment is already high and duplicating it seems difficult, and even more for the Member States in which the renovation rate would need to be multiplied by 4 or 5 for the targets set by the European Commission to be met, while the lack of income aggravated by the current crisis hardly allows for huge investments. Projects such as TripleA-Reno play a very important role in easing these efforts.

This is only a beginning, as the UIPI Renovation Tour continues! Registration for the next event UIPI Renovation Tour – Basque Owners on Board is already open and you can register by clicking in the button below. More details about the event and the programme are available here. The event will be in held in Spanish and streamed online. Make your voice heard during this event, learn about how TripleA-Reno can serve you and contribute to shaping EU policy that is Fit for property owners.

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