Triple-A reno at EUSEW19

Jun 21 2019 | Written by L. De Rosso |

Triple-A reno participated in the session “Bringing solutions together”, as part of the Architects’ Council of Europe (ACE) Energy Day in the European SustainableEnergy Week (EUSEW). The session was a joint effort of five H2020 funded European projects (ALDREN, Fit-to-NZEB, HAPPEN, iBROAD, Triple-A reno) about improving energy and indoor environmental performance on deep renovation projects.

The session highlighted the challenges, solutions, and results (Figure 1) in order to create a common ground for collaboration among the projects.   Figure 1 The challenges, solutions, and results shared by five European projects TripleA-reno presented as a challenge the lack of reliable information along the renovation process emphasizing the market fragmentation, lack of clear view about energy performance and environmental quality and solid quality control during the renovation process. As a solution, TripleA-reno presented the work on integrated platforms for user feedback (MOBISTYLE), methodologies to enhance quality control (IEE QUALICHeck) and voluntary label schemes (Level(s)).

In addition, TripleA-reno introduced the user-centered business model based on a gamified platform that would facilitate the decision-making process along the renovation process.

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