TripleA-reno third-year results

Apr 13 2021 | Written by S. D'Oca |

The TripleA-reno project is working towards the exploitation of 36 months of results. Not a trivial task, since the whole team -including ICT developers, demo case representatives, consulting and installation companies, together with our dedicated crew of anthropologists –is delineating the tailored user-centered sustainable business model for the uptake of the developed solutions, including the Energy Transition Board Game, the Morphological, Design and Labelling Wizards, and the IEQ Combined Comfort Label Scheme for Professionals.

For doing this, additional 6 months project extension will allow the team to finalise the elements of the platform under the Gamified Portal and harmonise the use cases that will better ensure the market uptake. In this endeavor, the project is supported by the Horizon Result Booster Service a new initiative backed by the European Commission which aims to maximize the impact of research projects funded by the Horizon 2020 framework. Specifically, the aim of the Business Plan Development Service (Module C) is to assist the TripleA-reno beneficiaries to bring their results closer to the market by developing an effective business plan, and by preparing to secure appropriate funding for the implementation of project results.

In short, the service will guide and support TripleA-reno in preparing our project results for the market. In the upcoming months, we will receive tailor-made training and support allowing them to develop a business plan which will include a market analysis, a business strategy, operations plan, competitor identification and analysis, a clear action plan to be implemented by the project and an estimation of time to market. This service is available for single projects funded under FP7, H2020 or HE, ongoing or closed which have a developed exploitation plan and a draft business plan.

TripleA-reno furthermore aims to contribute towards the end of Summer 2021 to the new EU Bauhaus Initiative co-design phase, being one of the first concrete contemporary examples that showcase principles of inclusiveness, quality and fairness in EU home renovation practices and help all interested people to organize, trigger and participate to debates. The outcome of the co-design phase will be a support framework based on EU programs, including a call for proposals for pilots in different EU Member States where the new Bauhaus concept will come to life.

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