Annarita Ferrante

Associate Professor in UNIBO. Author of numerous scientific articles
Member and responsible of architectural design and site constructions in the SME EUBIOS, architectural and engineer consultancy. Coordinator of the ProGETonE and ABRACADABRA Projects

Anastasia Fotopoulou

Ph.D, Architect Engineer NTUA / MSc Iaac-UPC / PhD University of Bologna. Holds a diploma in architecture from the Department of Architecture of the National Technical University of Athens (2007), with postgraduate studies in "Master in Advanced Architecture" at IaaC-UPC Barcelona (2009). Also holds a doctorate degree with the title "Energy and architectural retrofitting in the urban context of Athens" from the University of Bologna (2016). Freelance architect since 2007. Since 2011, she is partner and the chief architect at the StudioConcepto Architecture Office based in Cyprus. From June 2016, she is a tutor and a research fellow at the University of Bologna at the Department of architecture; she is part of the research team of Abracadabra and Pro-GET-onE European H2020 projects.

Davide Prati

PhD, Building Engineer, researcher in in UNIBO, Department of Architecture; researcher in CIRI Edilizia e Costruzioni in collaboration with Manutencoop FM S.p.a. on the “Rating of the real Estate” and the comprehensive assessment of Building Quality. Junior Researcher and principal investigator of the research project “Assessment Criteria and Data Acquisition for the retrofit of the existing building stock”. From June 2014, he is a tutor at the University of Bologna at the Department of Architecture; he is part of the research team of Pro-GET-onE European H2020 projects involved in on-site geometrical survey and BIM implementation.

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