Gregor Cerinsek

Gregor is lead project manager and researcher at the Institute for Innovation and Development of University of Ljubljana. He holds an MA in Human Resource Management from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ljubljana. His work is oriented towards development and evaluation of different education and training concepts, models and programmes (such as learning by doing, experiential learning, technology-enhanced learning etc.) addressing real-life needs of industry and based on close collaboration between industrial and higher education environment. As a project manager, he has been employed at IRI UL since 2010.

Jure Vetršek

Jure works as a “translator” between social and technical experts in interdisciplinary projects facilitating interactions of academia, industry and public administration. He received his engineering degree from the Department of Heat and mass transfer and environmental engineering, University of Ljubljana (UL), a M.Sc. in energy policies and systems by RES the School for Renewable Energy Science on Iceland, and a M.Sc. from interdisciplinary environmental protection at UL. For 5 years he worked as a researcher on various IEE and FP6 projects in Laboratory for sustainable technologies in buildings at Faculty of mechanical engineering, UL. At IRI UL he works as a project leader mainly in the field of energy efficiency, renewables integration in buildings and nudging behaviour. He leads an UL buildings energy management team and works on H2020 projects.

Dan Podjed

Dan is an anthropologist with 15+ years’ experience in ethnographic research, project coordination, university teaching, and event management. He has been involved in development of several ethnography-based and people-centred IT solutions for promoting sustainable lifestyle. Since 2012, he has been coordinating the Applied Anthropology Network of the European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA). He is the founder and organiser of Why the World Needs Anthropologists international symposium, annually prepared since 2013.

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