Carsten Rothballer

Expert at ICLEI Europe since 2009 addressing climate policy issues, with project experience in training, energy planning, integrated management and infrastructure, resilience, risk assessment and international networking on climate and energy issues. He supports local governments in Germany as well as throughout Europe in the development, improvement as well as financing of Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs) and Smart City solutions. Carsten holds a M.A. in International Development from the University of Vienna, Austria, studying as well at the University of Pavia, Italy and Federal University of Salvador Bahia, Brazil.

Emilie Doran

Emilie has been in ICLEI´s Communications and Member Relations since 2008, working on events and communications. In the framework of the latter, she is involved in the development, implementation and monitoring of communication strategies; the development, production and dissemination of communication products, including project websites, social media, newsletters and marketing materials; writing for websites, brochures, reports, press releases and other publications. She has been involved in projects relating to transportation, energy, district heating, and more recently: buildings and big data. Her background in languages and environmental management serves her well in Horizon 2020 projects such as Triple-A-reno.

Andreas Jäger

Andreas joined the Sustainable Resources, Climate and Resilience team at the ICLEI European Secretariat as a Project Officer in January 2020. The primary focus of his work there lies on projects seeking to catalyse energy positive / low carbon built infrastructure and sustainable energy development. Building on his background in architecture and urban planning, Andreas worked in sustainable urban development policy research in Europe and Asia for over six years. To better understand the processes that shape our built environment he worked in the private real estate sector, just prior to joining ICLEI.
In the course of his career Andreas has been engaged in research and capacity building in the fields of green buildings, multi-level governance and subnational climate-smart strategy making. In this context he has also contributed to international policy processes, such as Habitat III and the Sustainable Development Goals. Further professional interests of Andreas include public-private partnerships for GHG emissions reductions and renewable energy generation.

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