Haico van Nunen

He studied building and renovation at Eindhoven University (1999). Afterwards he did a PhD research on the effects of flexibility on the sustainability of a building. This resulted in the thesis ‘Assessment of the sustainability of flexible building’ on which the impact of the lifespan of a building is analyzed in relation to refurbishments through time (2010).
Within BouwhulpGroep his focus lies at sustainability in its broadest way, including the possible impact of energy reduction, and what happens with the materials used. For housing associations his current task is to elaborate portfolio solutions: what do they have to do with all their buildings regarded in time, and what levels of renovation are suitable? With portfolio advise, he brings order in the portfolio, so the housing association can make choices towards the future.

Yuri van Bergen

Yuri is director of BouwhulpGroep and CEO Alliantie+
He has a bachelor degree in Built Environment, earned at Tilburg University of Applied science (2003). During his time as production manager at a building product supplier, he was in charge of the production facility of concrete prefab elements. That is where the special interest in innovation of products and processes started. Within Alliantie+ ( he focuses at developing new formulas with the industry, and combines knowledge about the existing housing stock, with the knowledge from products and processes.
As author, he is also responsible for knowledge exchange through several channels and platforms. His focus in the project lies at product- and process innovation.

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