TripleA-reno: an Open Gamified Platform supporting deep renovation and a friend for municipalities

Oct 26 2020 | Written by G. Oddo |

Renovating our cities’ building stock will be a key challenge in this decade, as we strive to decarbonise Europe in order to mitigate climate change. Local governments are already implementing innovative measures to push up our renovation rates, but in light of the dramatic economic impacts of the global pandemic – and with the construction sector expected to play a key role in our economic recovery – these efforts must be increased even further.

Solutions such as the TripleA-reno platform can be valuable additions to a government’s toolkit to encourage local job creation, achieve GHG emissions reductions, combat energy poverty, reduce (non-renewable) energy consumption, provide greater quality control of energy efficient renovation work and provide data to support evidence-based policy making.

TripleA-reno objectives are ambitious and numerous, but among them, the delivery of a suite/ecosystem of inter-related tools assisting the renovation process for a broad range of stakeholders – with their many interests, needs and expectations – is at the core of all of them.

TripleA stands for the words Attractive, Acceptable and Affordable – which are key challenges and at the same time opportunities in the energy renovation process of residential buildings. By combining a set of functionalities, the Open Gamified Platform can pave the way for an easier, more economical and more engaging renovation journey. Amongst others, the TripleA-reno platform includes:

  • a Labelling Wizard webapp, via which a building’s performance can be assessed holistically, improvement suggestions are generated and users can track improvements after renovation work has been carried out;
  • a Design Wizard tool that gives homeowners the possibility to model their property and plan interventions;
  • a Supplier outreach function , through which users can receive and compare quotes for planned renovation projects;
  • a personal Dashboard, to allow users to track their progress on the renovation journey;
  • a project Carrousel, which helps showcase individual achievements and compare these with others.

A complex ecosystem at first view, but a potential friend for municipalities when it comes to evaluating and designing renovation plans for city-owned residential building stock or to encourage citizens to renovate themselves.

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