How to stay energy-efficient, healthy and productive in times of lockdown

Apr 7 2020 | Written by C. Knubben |
People worldwide are spending their days at home. This is a new challenge for everybody, for our health and our job. #HeroAtHome is the new social campaign launched jointly by four EU projects to show how we can be heroes in the comfort of our homes.    Companies all over the world are rolling out mandatory work-from-home policies to tackle the current COVID-19 emergency; and those who are not working remotely, are anyway spending most of their time at home. What’s sure is that everybody is new to this lockdown situation and we all have most probably to adapt our habits to the new setting. The current emergency is challenging our mental and physical health, our work productivity and, last but not least, our energy bill. Indeed, spending more time at home means also using more energy than usual. To help you figure out how to overcome this unprecedented situation, the four European projects MOBISTYLEUtiliteeTripleA-reno and eTEACHER are launching the social campaign #HeroAtHome. From ventilating your home to unplugging electronic devices, from paying attention to ergonomics to the need to keep your thermostat down, the four projects will provide helpful and simple tips to help you save energy and stay healthy and productive in the time of coronavirus. The campaign will pose questions and provide simple tips through real-life pictures, encouraging messages, and graphic animation. Dedicated Twitter @Hero_atHome and Instagram @Hero_At_Home accounts were opened to share our heroes’ stories and feel less isolated and more united. So instead of letting the situation overwhelm you, follow our stories and share your #HeroAtHome side with our community, others could benefit from your advice. Take part, be a hero.

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