#HeroatHome campaign restarts and announces new members

Oct 22 2020 | Written by C. Knubben |

#HeroatHome had a summer break but is now back to help you figure out how to overcome this unprecedented COVID-19 situation.

#HeroAtHome, a social campaign initially launched by four EU projects to show how we can be heroes in the comfort of our homes, will now continue. EU projects eTEACHER, UtilitEE, and TripleA-reno now join forces with STEP-IN, Save the Homes and NRG2peers to proceed with the social campaign #HeroAtHome.

“Collaboration always leads to great results. This is why we are delighted to be part of the #HeroAtHome campaign: it is a great chance to boost the projects’ achievements and reach bigger audiences. Our social and energy experts in eTEACHER are looking forward to sharing their knowledge on how to save energy and how to change behaviour. The social campaign is totally in line with the eTEACHER mission, which is to develop solutions that support and encourage people in saving energy and improving indoor environmental quality in their buildings.” says Noemi Jimenez, eTEACHER coordinator.

“The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges for everyone, especially regarding health and employment, in a period when the majority of people are forced to spend more time at home. In this context, the #HeroatHome campaign seeks to empower and inspire people to observe their energy consumption and behaviour, and to motivate them through positive messages to become “energy heroes”. UtilitEE,  as a provider of a consumer-oriented universal behavioural change framework as well as of meaningful energy-use feedback to users to motivate and engage consumers into a continuous process of learning and improvement, proudly continues to be a contributor to this initiative’’ adds Evangelos Zacharis, Hypertech, UtilitEE project coordinator.

“STEP-IN is delighted to join forces with the other projects supporting the #HeroAtHome campaign. With people spending more time at home there is a strong need to provide advice on maintaining an affordable and healthy level of energy consumption and thermal comfort.  STEP-IN specifically focusses on approaches to alleviate energy poverty, a problem which is likely to increase in the coming years.” explains Rod McCall, coordinator of the STEP-IN project.

“Europe is struggling with an aging housing stock. Within Save the Homes project, we are aiming to create healthy homes through sustainable and financially attractive home renovations. However, any renovation customer journey starts with homeowners awareness and understanding that the root of the problem lies within inefficient and unhealthy homes. This is where the HeroAtHome campaign comes in play: to create awareness of home occupants about their indoor climate and building conditions. In the times of the COVID-19 pandemics when people are spending most of their time at home, it is even more important to emphasize the importance of renovated homes and reconsider the role of a healthy home. So taking part in the #Hero at Home campaign was a natural step for our project.” says Ana Tisov, coordinator of Save the Homes.

“There is a need for clear guidance, education and support for the set-up and uptake of successful energy communities on both the local and EU level. The main aim of NRG2peers is to support the next generation of European energy communities of peer-to-peer residential energy traders and share lessons in different European Member States. NRG2peers wants to support financially attractive, legally, and technically viable user-centered energy communities around the whole of Europe. How? We will do this by collecting experiences from already exiting local energy communities, developing a Readiness Level Framework with several indicators, providing smart demand-response mechanisms to optimise energy consumption and peak demand, and motivating residential customers via the gamified functions of the NRG2peers platform. This is how the HeroAtHome campaign helps NRG2peers doing so the European way: learning from the pioneers, and teaching to the late adopters, aiming to leave no one behind’’. says Simona D’ Oca, coordinator of NRG2peers.

From renovating your home to ventilating and unplugging electronic devices, from paying attention to ergonomics to the need to keep your thermostat down, we  will provide helpful and simple tips to help you save energy and stay healthy and productive in the time of coronavirus. Next to that, we will keep you updated on the development of these European projects, sharing our knowledge from research with you!

So instead of letting the situation overwhelm you, follow our stories and share your #HeroAtHome side with our community, others could benefit from your advice.

Find us on Twitter @Hero_atHome and Instagram @Hero_At_Home where we share our tips and feel less isolated and more united.

Take part, be a hero.

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