TripleA-reno combined labelling scheme: a resource for municipal buildings

Oct 26 2020 | Written by G. Oddo |

The TripleA-reno Combined Labelling Scheme is the first such scheme developed especially for the renovation of dwellings, covering energy performance, indoor environmental quality, and well-being indicators. 

Building on an analysis of existing labelling schemes and thanks to the close collaboration of the consortium partners, the labelling scheme is technically robust whilst also resulting in performance ratings that can be easily understood by non-professionals.

Energy performance indicators include the building’s energy efficiency class, calculated and measured energy use as well as the share of renewable energy used. Well-being and indoor environmental quality (IEQ) are affected by technical building systems, therefore the most important features of these are evaluated (e.g. the control of the heating/cooling system, fresh air flow per number of occupants, air tightness of windows and doors, and exterior shading). In addition to qualitative remote assessments, on-site measurements also flow into the evaluation, to ensure that the actual (realized) conditions are reflected in the rating. Mandatory on-site measurements, which are carried out over a one-week period encompass the operative temperature (a combination of mean radiant and air temperature), relative humidity, and CO2 concentration. Voluntary measurements to gauge IEQ and potential negative health/wellbeing impacts in more detail include levels of volatile organic compounds (TVOC) such as formaldehyde as well as particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10). 

By using the combined labelling template experts can, for instance, evaluate the energy performance and comfort of municipal social housing, identify which buildings need to be improved and what the necessary interventions are. The combined labelling template was developed in Excel format for experts, you can download it for free via this link. The excel template will be transformed into a web browser-based tool and a non-expert version will also be made available soon. 

Are you interested in the Combined Labelling Scheme? The TripleA-reno team is organising a BuildUP webinar on November 26. Register at this link!

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