Combined labelling before and after the renovation in Hungary

Oct 22 2021 | Written by C. Knubben |
In the frame of the TripleA-reno project a combined labelling scheme was developed for dwellings, which includes energy performance, indoor environmental and well-being indicators. In the energy performance indicators, both calculated and measured energy uses are presented. The indoor environmental and well-being indicators have a qualitative and a quantitative part. The qualitative part depends on the building and the technical building systems. The quantitative part based on the measured figures, related to the specific dwelling and dependent on occupant habits. One of the 14 demo buildings is located in Hungary. The building was built in 1981 and it has 60 apartments. Before the renovation the energy performance indicators are presented one-by-one. Joint assessment of well-being and IEQ was calculated based on the percentage of the total gained points/total theoretical maximum points. The output is one class: excellent (90-100%), good (80-89%), acceptable (60-79%), weak (50-59%) or very weak (0-49 %). The deep renovation was performed in a similar building in the neighborhood. The results of the combined labelling will be ready in the end of October 2021, but now we can see that the energy consumption is much lower in the renovated building. The indoor environmental and IEQ parameters are depending very much on the occupant habits. In the summer period several tenant or owner opened the windows all day and the indoor temperature was much higher comparing the neighbors. In the beginning of the heating season some residents turned on the heating, while others did not yet.    

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