Affordable means that by using the TripleA-reno decision support tools (i.e. dynamic and user-centric business models) users can tailor their renovation and make informed and economically-wise decisions. In TripleA-reno affordability reflects the idea of the business model, cost savings for the user and the holistic idea of “user in the center”.



Acceptability refers to the TripleA-reno user-centric approach. The project aims at getting the “renovation motor running, with the end-user in the driver’s seat”. TripleA-reno will involve a various set of users in the co-designing processes, and keep a constant communication flow between consumers and developers to assure design of people-centered products.



Attractive means one of the objectives of the project is to raise consumer awareness when it comes to behaviors in homes, by providing attractive personalized information on energy use, indoor environment, health, and lifestyle, by a set of ICT-based solutions (i.e. the gamification platform, virtual reality, energy and 3D modeling etc.). Attractiveness is reflected i.e. in some of the elements of the gamification feature.

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